Your Health Matters

Executive Health Care invites you to experience the most efficient, comprehensive, convenient, and discreet physical exam available.

In a one-day evaluation, you will undergo the tests and exams necessary to determine your basic level of fitness, plus information on your diet, exercise routine, and stress management. You'll also have instant access to experienced specialists from every field and state-of-the-art facilities at the consistently award-winning Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

A Clear Plan

We will plan your complete and unique exam, lab or x-ray tests, and/or specialist consultations based on a detailed questionnaire that you fill out before you arrive. Prevention, risk stratification, and early cancer detection is highly emphasized and no stone is left unturned. For details on the physical, tests performed, and more, click here.


Comprehensive and Efficient

Upon completion of you examination, you will meet with your physician for your final consultation. As a follow-up, you will receive a comprehensive, personal written report outlining all aspects of your day and interpretation of tests in lay language, in addition to all recommendations from the specialists and us.

A Flash Drive with your personal medical record is yet another unique option we include.


Your executive physical will take place in the Minneapolis Heart Institute Building on the beautiful campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Nearly all specialists are within a short walking distance and will be available to see you on the day of your exam. Parking is free. Average time to get in – near “immediate appointments” are available.